A new concept for a new company
Posibl. started as the first social network for good; connecting NGOs, individuals and business to make the world a better place. 
As the platform evolved they pivoted to a model where media content creation was at a center stage. They started making audiovisual content to tell the stories of NGOs and people who was making the world a better place. 

With this change, they needed a new concept to communicate this drive to tell the stories that are making a difference. 

For this I worked closely with the client to develope a tagline based on two main ideas:
In the first place talking about dreams as a driver to make an impact, and in a second and more profound way, to convey the idea of our emotional response, of being moved by human stories.

"Dreams move the world" became the new mantra, as the company started focusing on telling stories that "moved" you to tears and eventually "moved" you to take action.

A manifesto
We had  a new concept but we needed to communicate it to the world, so we created an audiovisual manifesto as a motivational way of putting our message out there.
The objective was to inspire change makers to go out and put their dreams in action, and at the same time lay the foundation of the new concept and direction for the company.
Being a small startup they didn't have the budget to make a big production, but we felt like we really needed this ad to exist; so pull some resources together and we challenged ourselves to make it happen.
I wrote and directed this piece.

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